Friday, May 22, 2015

Support for Financial Literacy Classes in Kansas

The Topeka Capital-Journal recently editorialized in favor of financial literacy legislation, stating that "the 2016 legislature should make a financial literacy curriculum mandatory in the state's public schools."  That sounds like a great idea.

Key point:
Kansas’ older residents learned much about handling their personal finances from their parents. Many youngsters still get that type of education at home. Unfortunately, many others don’t and are ill-equipped to make good decisions about money, credit and borrowing at an age when knowledge of such things should be very important to them. 
If that sounds like dumping another responsibility on schools that parents could, or should, handle at home, it is. But the need is there. The National Conference of State Legislators has encouraged all states to adopt statutes requiring the study of financial literacy in public schools.
Here's hoping more states (and their newspapers) follow this lead.