Monday, July 21, 2014

Diversity Among Financial Professionals covers a new report suggesting that life insurance companies are making it a priority to diversify their sales force.

Key quote:
With companies hiring again in earnest, it’s a good time for life and annuity carriers to reassess the composition of their distribution force. Industry analysts often point out that if the industry is serious about selling more protection and retirement products, then life and annuity producers need to be from the communities they aspire to sell to.
In order to ensure every community has access to the financial tools necessary to find financial security, it is critical that the industry make such a recruitment a priority. Research from CFS and LIMRA shows that contact with a professional is one of the key reasons a family chooses to protect their wealth.

Just as it is important that the financial industry recruit from all communities, it is critical that regulators ensure entry into the profession is open to all. Some key reports, such as this one from Florida, suggest there is work to do.