Friday, July 25, 2014

Another Survey Shows Gap in Life Insurance Coverage

Society recognizes the value of life insurance.  We provide tax benefits to encourage families to secure their futures with the product.  Yet there is another survey out showing that Americans do not have enough.

 Covering the survey, LifeHealthPro notes one way to help:
If the gap is to be closed, this field force of producers needs to be expanded. Life insurers can help by beefing up recruiting and sales training initiatives for new agents and brokers. Certainly, such programs are expensive. But a short-term hit to the carriers’ bottom line now will reap rewards in the long run.
That is certainly true.  Just as important, regulators need to make sure those trying to enter the profession have a fair pathway.   Data from some states continues to show that those most likely to help families who need insurance are the least likely to make it into the profession.