Monday, February 11, 2013

Interesting Program in Nebraska

A lot of the public policy focus around financial literacy looks at ways to teach money skills in the classroom.  An interesting program from the State Treasurer in Nebraska is offering scholarships to students who compete in a financial literacy challenge.  Nebraska recently included personal finance in its curriculum.  This contest is a way to build and reinforce what is happening in the classroom.

Take a look:
Team members who get first place in the state competition will each get a $2,000 contribution to a college savings plan. Second-prize winners each will get a $1,000 contribution, and third-place winners will get a $500 contribution. Stenberg commended the Nebraska Department of Education's inclusion of personal finances in its recently revised social studies standards, and he said the importance of financial literacy can be seen in the failed mortgage loans that preceded the recession and in rising credit card debt and student loan defaults.