Monday, April 16, 2012

The Latest Look at Financial Literacy

April is Financial Literacy month, and with it has come a host of articles looking at the financial literacy movement.  Of the more recent pieces, is a look by the Washington Post at efforts in Maryland and Virginia to teach finance in schools.  The central theme of the article is "does it work?"

Of course, that question cannot be answered yet but all experts agree it is worth trying.

In both states, a massive effort is underway:
Educators in Maryland and Virginia acknowledge that even implementing the new curriculum — let alone determining its effectiveness — is going to be a challenge. Teachers certified in math, social studies, economics and business are considered qualified to teach the new course, but they have to be trained. Dominion High School is aiming to offer the new course to juniors, beginning in 2013. At Marshall in Falls Church, the course is so new that Terence Mayo’s class is the only one currently offered, but it will require 17 different sections to accommodate one grade level, roughly 400 students. Marshall is exploring an online option, which students could take for free during the school day, and a class outside school for $800, which they would have to cover on their own. There’s also a summer option on the table.