Thursday, January 12, 2012

Kudos to the Ohio Insurance Department

Ohio Lt. Governor Mary Taylor (also the Department of Insurance Director) has penned a guest column that shows that she understands the role financial experts play in helping their neighbors achieve financial security.

Key point:

Representing a significant portion of Ohio’s economy, these small business owners treat their clients like friends and neighbors because they are friends and neighbors. They are local, they know their communities, and most importantly, they know their client’s needs. Agents and brokers use their knowledge of insurance to help determine what coverage is best, and work on the client’s behalf to ensure they have a policy that protects them, their family and their interests. And after the sale of a policy, agents and brokers continue to assist their clients by providing a helping hand when and if claims arise.

Part of the CFS mission is to advocate for public policies that will help connect working-class Americans with financial professionals. Research shows "middle-market" communities are underserved and under-represented by agents and brokers who can link consumers to products that grow financial security such as life insurance and IRAs. That same research shows Americans are looking for help.

It is good to see leaders like Lt. Governor Taylor taking the obligation to ensure consumers have choices seriously.